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Reto Wilhelm

Expert in Quality Management Services

Biography / CV

Dr. Reto Wilhelm, Owner Panta Rhei PR AG

Dr. Reto Wilhelm (1966), Dr.phil., Zurich, studied German linguistics and literature, educational psychology and journalism at the University of Zurich from 1986 to 1992. In 1993 he also received his doctorate in Zurich with a dissertation on the subject of media language. He worked for several years as an editorial assistant at Swiss National Television SRF. He is also a lecturer for rhetoric and media training, storytelling and public relations at higher professional schools. Since 1999, Reto Wilhelm has been managing owner of the agency Panta Rhei PR AG for Public Relations and Marketing in Zurich, Chur, Glarus and Amriswil. The internationally CMS III-certified agency, which has been active in the market for 26 years, has 15 employees and achieved net revenue of CHF 2.8 million in 2019.  Reto Wilhelm also works as a communications trainer and consultant for clients from the service sector and various organisations and associations. He is also a board member of Switzerland's leading industry association - the Association of PR Agencies Switzerland BPRA.

If you don't have quality under control, you don't have your agency under control. The equation is that simple. Continuous learning, permanent improvement and constant working on the quality of services, processes and the attitude of our employees takes us further in the agency business. And it pays off: more measurable success in the market, more customer satisfaction, more employee motivation. And thus a sustainable basis for a long-term sustainable and thus sensibly growing agency business. That's why investing in quality and regular monitoring by experts helps us all to move forward, both in our own agency and in the industry.
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Expert in Quality Management Services