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Coaching and Business Consulting for Communications Agencies

Every executive in a communications agency sometimes needs – despite being a professional consultant on their own – an external view, a second opinion or a competent business advisor. The communications industry is full of challenges, change, crisis, mergers & acquisitions, fast growth, shrinking, client troubles, talent war, etc.

But only few business consultants and auditors know and understand the extraordinary environment of the communications industry. At the same time, it is complicated to exchange know-how and to discuss problems with fellow agency managers at the same market for competition reasons.

To solve this problem, the Agency Experts platform gathers for the first time, experienced business and executive consultants who are at the same time native PR and communications agency people (consultancy owners, managing directors, senior executives of networks). Our experts and consultants provide advice to agency managers from other markets or other disciplines in the communications industry. Cross-market, cross-border, cross-company and even cross-continental guidance is available here. Our members provide personal coaching, online consulting, telephone coaching or travel to hot spots when needed.

Our joint mission and goals are to make communications consultancies and their managers more successful and to improve overall resilience and quality in the PR industry. In addition to individual coaching and management consulting services, some of our experts facilitate the implementation of quality management schemes, serve as Auditors for the international Consultancy Management Standard quality certification (CMS) of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) or the ISO scheme.

A unique network: We only host and present experts, who run an Agency themselves in their home country or have done so successfully for many years in the past.

In addition, most of our listed experts are active in leading roles in industry organisations or in international agency networks. They are regionally and internationally connected at its best, known as authors of books and industry standards, keynote speakers at major events, lecturing at Universities – just the best, most experienced, and most respected in their communications and management discipline.

Take to chance to use our for free expert search engine under "Find Experts" to find the best Expert for your needs and challenges, or just give us a call to assist!


Set-up of Quality Management Systems

Every communications consultancy has its specific working methods, spirit and style - its very own "operating system". Particularly in communications and in the creative industry, this is well needed and often seen as a unique asset.

To combine such assets and specific working methods to build and run a quality-oriented, resilient, and crisis-tested "venture", it is necessary to standardize recurring processes and to enable an organization to learn from mistakes properly. If the "agency system" is additionally calibrated in Quality and Business Ethics according to international industry standards, fulfilment quality and economic success go hand in hand and avoid problems.

Employees, client and business partners are assured to work for and with a serious agency if quality management standards are in place and business ethics obeyed in everyday activities. Also, the cooperation in and with international networks and with quality-demanding clients become smoother and more efficient, if all partners involved know and work according to the same quality standards and industry guidelines.

The implementation of a widely accepted Quality Management System (QMS) like the Consultancy Management Standard of ICCO, offers enormous advantages and benefits to agencies. There are clear responsibilities in place, an efficient decision-making structure exists, and a professional HR and Project management is in place. All resulting in improved cost-efficiency and higher client and employee satisfaction.

When establishing and developing a tailor-made quality management system, also potential failures and business risks are evaluated and ranked. Counter-measures are developed together to prevent critical situations in the future.

Established industry standards and visible quality certifications contribute – next to its marketing benefits – to the improvement of internal structures and help to follow the general business strategy agency owners and their management. To establish such standards efficiently, we develop guidelines and rulebooks based on everyday needs and focusing on the actual working reality in established and also in fast-growing consultancies.

Our experts assist you with shaping internal agency structures and establishing controlling processes, which are aligned to all levels of work and management. A continuous improvement process helps to improve all quality and service levels and to achieve better business results at the same time.

After implementing a quality management system to run and control your consultancy, you will be well-prepared for the ever-growing demands of clients and also for external audits, awards or certification processes, such as ICCO's CMS, ISO standards, or national and international quality and trust seal certifications.

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Audits, Certifications, Trust Seals

Huge differences in quality and black sheep in the market, entering headlines with doubtable working methods are problems that unsettle clients and shake the communications industry in many countries regularly. This all happens despite having international quality standards, guidelines, and ethical codices in place for a long time already. Such codices and guidelines help agency managers, employees in the day-to-day business, and assist clients when searching for agency services.

Most of the Agencies with a clear commitment to quality and business ethics work with an established quality management system, train and educate their employees accordingly and let external auditors check-up and certify their business conduct and working methods.

Such agencies are good examples for the entire communications industry and entitled to bear trust seals and communication business certifications. Many industry organizations all over the world oblige or expect their member agencies to implement such quality certifications to obtain membership.

If you would like to join the best of your industry, the group of quality certified consultancies, we suggest implementing an agency-wide QM system like the Consultancy Management Standard (CMS) of ICCO. Our experts to be found here at the platform will assist you with all preparation works. They are accredited as auditors to conduct business certifications by international and national business associations. All certifications processes follow the guidelines of the ISO 19011 standard.

Certification according to the respected international Consultancy Management Standard (developed and promoted by ICCO and PRCA) guarantees the compliance of an agency with the highest business and ethical standards and helps clients to be at the safe side when searching for agency service providers.

The CMS standard is to be re-audited and renewed every two years and checks the following working areas:

• Sustainable and stable business and financial structures

• Quality of Working processes and project managemen

• Planning and Transparency

• Efficiency handling recurring processes

•Problem awareness and crisis prevention

Are you interested in obtaining a renown quality certification for your agency, or in improving the general business quality and financial results of your agency? Our Agency Experts and Auditors are ready to assist with consulting service or conduction audits. Give us a call or contact one of our experts directly!


Seminars, Training and Education

Many of the experts listed here at "Agency Experts" also offer planning and organisation of workshops, seminars and other educational activities for executives and consultants in communications agencies. Our experts also run and convey certified quality management courses to train and to educate in-house quality managers for communications agencies. Our experts develop tailor-made training activities, based on practical challenges or business issues of your consultancy, or they participate as lecturers or examiners at our quality manager and auditor development courses. Next to tailor-made training sessions, we offer the following certified quality manager and auditor course for the communications industry:

• Training Course "Certified Agency Quality Manager"

Our well-established and demanded courses to develop certified agency quality managers provide all the know-how needed for establishing quality management systems in communications consultancies and for preparing agencies for external audits and quality certifications. All participants are examined at the end of the training course and receive an internationally recognised certificate as "Certified Agency Quality Manager", a valuable additional business qualification.

• Training Course "Certified Agency Auditor Course"

Active Certified Agency Quality Managers are entitled to participate in further education courses to become a certified business and quality auditor for communications consultancies.

The main content of the auditor course is the set-up and conduction of audits and quality certifications according to international business standards such as the CMS - Consultancy Management Standard, ISO certifications, or the implementation of national PR trust seal standards etc.

•Executive Training

Please contact our experts for individual executive training offer or for guest lectures at existing training and education schemes in the communications industry.

Please, don't hesitate to call us for support or trainer proposals!


Change, Interim & Transition Management

The business world of communications consultancies is spinning faster and faster. Changes at strategy and management level need to be implemented instantly to stay competitive at the market.

Larger transition processes, which need to be implemented parallel to the day-to-day business, often call for management support from external experts. Sometimes, only a few strategy consulting sessions are enough to set-up a change management programme and its milestone.

On other occasions, independent external project leaders and interim managers entirely focused on the change process are the best solution to reach the goals.

Experts for such interim assignments are to be found here and can be hired for following working areas and projects:

• Restructuring processes
• Merger & Acquisitions
• Preparation of selling processes
• Business integration
• Internal change communications
• Succession and Generation change
• Growth management
• Downsizing
• Substitutes for unplanned absences
• Market entries
• Development of new country organisations or branches
• Name and brand changes

To handle such challenges, experienced experts and managers are needed and can be found here at "Agency Experts".

Please, contact us for proposals or further assistance. Confidentiality guaranteed.


Keynote Speakers and lecturers with a communications background

Our international expert network here at "Agency Experts" is also very helpful when searching for keynote speakers, lecturers, panellist or round table participants with a professional background in the communications industry.

The speakers to be found here are CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, agency managers and experts from all communications disciplines, like advertising, marketing, public relations, digital and social media, video etc. You will also be able to find sustainability experts here, people experienced in corporate social responsibility, politics experts, motivation trainers and innovation leaders.

You can expert inputs to topics talent and change management, leadership principles, business development and industry challenges and trends of all kind.

Should you be looking for an international speaker at your next industry event, look at our database in the sector "Keynote Speaker", or just give a call.

We are ready to assist you with the expert search completely free of charge!

How we work. Our services.

The Mission of Agency Experts

Every executive in a communications agency can benefit from the outside perspective of a competent advisor from time to time. However, not all business consultants and auditors know and understand the nuances of the communications industry. While you may be able to share some insights about your business with fellow agency leaders, you likely find yourself limited in what can be discussed, due to confidentiality restrictions and competitive reasons.

To solve this problem, the Agency Experts platform offers experienced business and executive consultants who are native PR and communications professionals (consultancy owners, managing directors, senior executives). Our experts advise agency managers from other markets or disciplines within the communications industry. We offer cross-market, cross-border, cross-company and cross-continental guidance. This can be accessed through 1:1 coaching, online and telephone consulting, and on-site engagement as needed.

Our mission is to make communications consultancies and their managers more successful and to improve the overall resiliency and quality of the PR industry. In addition to individual coaching and management consulting services, we facilitate the implementation of quality management programs, serving as auditors for the international Consultancy Management Standard (CMS) quality certification of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) or the ISO scheme.

Conducting Audits and Quality Certifications

Agency Experts also provides selected independent quality management experts and certification auditors who have extensive experience in auditing communications.

These auditors and experts are skilled in developing and implementing certified quality management systems within agencies and also conducting audits according to international industry standards, such as the CMS - Consultancy Management Standard of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation).

Our goal is to increase the number of quality certified communications agencies and to improve business success and crisis resilience in the communications industry.

A free matchmaking service for agency managers seeking business advice from other industry specialists.
A shortcut to auditors for quality certification and the implementation of internal quality management systems.

The Agency Experts organisation provides this free service to agency leaders seeking professional advice from business consultants with a strong background in the communications industry.

This online platform operates independently and is supported exclusively through the membership fees of participating consultants, with no paid content or advertising. We base the selection of experts solely on their qualifications and recommendations from respected industry organisations. The use of data and information provided here for any third-party activities or purpose is strictly forbidden.

Agency Experts was founded in 2019 by individual senior agency management experts and a group of quality auditors (see team & experts). It is a private project of the individual professionals involved and is not affiliated with their employers or any other communications agency, agency network or media house.

While the use of this online service and the actual matchmaking platform is entirely free of charge for users, all resulting consulting service relationships will be based on fees and expenses individually agreed upon in written form before any billable consulting services begin.

How to become an Agency Expert?

Only experienced executives with a proven track record leading an agency in the industry (PR, advertising, marketing, digital), are chosen to become members of the international Agency Experts network. As a result, you will only work with highly qualified professionals who understand your business inside and out.

Preferred, selected Experts are also industry thought leaders who have played an active role in national or international industry organisations. Such experts are widely known for a deep understanding of the values of global and cross-company cooperation, quality, and business ethics.

Does your experience align with the criteria of our Agency Experts? Are you ready to share your expertise as a consultant with other agency professionals in other countries or markets? If so, please send us your CV, preferably along with a recommendation by an existing member of the Agency Experts network or your national communications industry organisation.

We will respond to you as soon as possible and provide any available opportunities and membership information.