The Team

Our founders team with certified quality auditors for communications consultancies (Consultancy Management Standard – CMS). We help to implement a successful quality management system in your agency. We run quality audits and certify your business excellency according to national and international industry standards (ICCO Consultancy Management Standard – CMS, PR trust seal, ISO).

Our joint goal: Making quality visible. More successful, quality-certified agencies in the communications industry.
Anita Mohl

Lead Auditor, Consultancy Management Standard (CMS), PR trust seal

Managing Director and Co-Founder, AgencyExperts

Certified Business Auditor, Expert for quality management systems in communications agencies

Email Phone Icon+43 664 11 222 49
Juergen H. Gangoly, DrBA MBA

Certified Quality Auditor for the Communications Industry (TÜV, CMS, PR trust seal)

Co-Founder, AgencyExperts

CEO, The Skills Group, Austria
European President, International Communications Consultancy Organisation – ICCO

Email Phone Icon+43 664 2000 260
Alexander Dourchev, PhD

Co-Founder and Head of Online Services, AgencyExperts

CEO, All Channels Communications, Bulgaria
Board Member, International Communications Consultancy Organisation – ICCO

Email Phone Icon+359 2 855 80 83
Dr. Reto Wilhelm

Certified PR Quality Auditor (TÜV, CMS, PR trust seal)

Managing Owner, Panta Rhei PR AG
Member of BPRA – Association of Swiss PR Consultancies
Board Member, International Communications Consultancy Organisation – ICCO
Founding Partner of

Email Phone Icon+41 44 365 20 20
Beate Heinrich

Certified Quality Auditor for the Communications Industry (TÜV, CMS, PR trust seal)

Business Consultant PR / Communications

Founder of HEINRICH GmbH Agentur für Kommunikation (GPRA), Germany

Co-Founder of

Email Phone Icon+43 664 11 222 49
Alexandra Groß

Certified Quality Auditor for the Communications Industry (TÜV, CMS, PR trust seal)

Chairwoman, Fink & Fuchs AG, Germany

Email Phone Icon+43 664 11 222 49
Hanning Kempe

Certified Quality Auditor for the Communications Industry (TÜV, CMS, PR trust seal)

General Managing Director, FleishmanHillard Germany

Email Phone Icon+43 664 11 222 49
Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim

Lead Auditor ISO 9001
EOQ Quality Systems Manager for Agencies

AgencyExperts, Partner
Regional Director and Lead Auditor Arab World

Email Phone Icon+43676 3702910

How we work. Our services.

The Mission of Agency Experts

Every executive in a communications agency can benefit from the outside perspective of a competent advisor from time to time. However, not all business consultants and auditors know and understand the nuances of the communications industry. While you may be able to share some insights about your business with fellow agency leaders, you likely find yourself limited in what can be discussed, due to confidentiality restrictions and competitive reasons.

To solve this problem, the Agency Experts platform offers experienced business and executive consultants who are native PR and communications professionals (consultancy owners, managing directors, senior executives). Our experts advise agency managers from other markets or disciplines within the communications industry. We offer cross-market, cross-border, cross-company and cross-continental guidance. This can be accessed through 1:1 coaching, online and telephone consulting, and on-site engagement as needed.

Our mission is to make communications consultancies and their managers more successful and to improve the overall resiliency and quality of the PR industry. In addition to individual coaching and management consulting services, we facilitate the implementation of quality management programs, serving as auditors for the international Consultancy Management Standard (CMS) quality certification of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) or the ISO scheme.

Conducting Audits and Quality Certifications

Agency Experts also provides selected independent quality management experts and certification auditors who have extensive experience in auditing communications.

These auditors and experts are skilled in developing and implementing certified quality management systems within agencies and also conducting audits according to international industry standards, such as the CMS - Consultancy Management Standard of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation).

Our goal is to increase the number of quality certified communications agencies and to improve business success and crisis resilience in the communications industry.

A free matchmaking service for agency managers seeking business advice from other industry specialists.
A shortcut to auditors for quality certification and the implementation of internal quality management systems.

The Agency Experts organisation provides this free service to agency leaders seeking professional advice from business consultants with a strong background in the communications industry.

This online platform operates independently and is supported exclusively through the membership fees of participating consultants, with no paid content or advertising. We base the selection of experts solely on their qualifications and recommendations from respected industry organisations. The use of data and information provided here for any third-party activities or purpose is strictly forbidden.

Agency Experts was founded in 2019 by individual senior agency management experts and a group of quality auditors (see team & experts). It is a private project of the individual professionals involved and is not affiliated with their employers or any other communications agency, agency network or media house.

While the use of this online service and the actual matchmaking platform is entirely free of charge for users, all resulting consulting service relationships will be based on fees and expenses individually agreed upon in written form before any billable consulting services begin.

How to become an Agency Expert?

Only experienced executives with a proven track record leading an agency in the industry (PR, advertising, marketing, digital), are chosen to become members of the international Agency Experts network. As a result, you will only work with highly qualified professionals who understand your business inside and out.

Preferred, selected Experts are also industry thought leaders who have played an active role in national or international industry organisations. Such experts are widely known for a deep understanding of the values of global and cross-company cooperation, quality, and business ethics.

Does your experience align with the criteria of our Agency Experts? Are you ready to share your expertise as a consultant with other agency professionals in other countries or markets? If so, please send us your CV, preferably along with a recommendation by an existing member of the Agency Experts network or your national communications industry organisation.

We will respond to you as soon as possible and provide any available opportunities and membership information.