Company name

AgencyExperts GmbH


ATU 75663612

Object of the company

Communications, Consulting and Audit services

Address for service

Margaretenstrasse 70, Stair 2, Door 10, 1050 Vienna, Austria

[email protected]

Legal form

(Ltd., Austrian Business Law) Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung - GMBH

Commercial and trade law representative

Anita Mohl
+43 664 11 222 49
[email protected]

Company registration no.

FN 534901 w, HG Vienna

Licenses to practice

Communications Consultancy
Quality management
Quality Audit services
Agency certifications (TÜV, ISO, CMS)

Business Association and Cooperations

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber -

International Communications Consultancy Organisation – ICCO,

Austrian PR Trust Seal Organisation -

Editorial policy

Information about the international communications industry with a focus on quality, business consulting and quality audits. Helping agency managers to find Experts and Auditors in the communications industry.

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