Ketchum Austria proudly announces its achievement as the world's first agency to attain CMS 4 certification. The International Communications Consultancy Organisation recently updated the global quality standard, and Ketchum Austria eagerly underwent auditing to meet these new benchmarks. This certification not only demonstrates to clients that the agency operates independently and ethically with a focus on sustainability but also shows commitment to the individual development and well-being of its employees.

Key areas of focus include business development, diversity & inclusion, AI, sustainability, and ethics. With the ÖPR quality seal, Ketchum Austria reaffirms its dedication to high standards of quality and ethics, upheld daily. This marks their third recertification, underscoring their ongoing commitment to excellence. Ketchum Austria extends gratitude to Anita Mohl and Reto Wilhelm Dr. from Agency Experts for their collaborative reflection on organizational practices, eagerly anticipating future developments in two years.